Brand Forward

Transit Authority Figures approaches every design project as an opportunity to strengthen your brand.

We work to ensure that everywhere your brand shows up in the world, it's recognizable and delivers a coherent message with complementary experiences. Through great design, we'll help you make the best first impression, and leave a lasting one.

Experience Counts

We are excellent visual communicators who work across the tried and true mediums of message distribution.

Digital Design
Ideas Matter

Great design begins with great ideas...and we specialize in generating and executing great ideas.

Through our creative ideation with deep research, we develop clear messages and create elegant vehicles to deliver those messages most effectively to your audiences.

Ultimately, we want for your brand what we want most for ourselves—to be meaningful, to be authentic, to be impactful, to matter.

“Transit Authority Figures helped my company establish a brand in a natural, progressive way, without having to go through a formal branding process, which ultimately was more efficient and resulted in easy buy-in from management. Their design work transformed our outdated, uninspired brand to one that more accurately and positively reflects the high-tech, mission critical work we do for the residents and businesses of New England.” Amy Crowley Corporate Communications ISO New England
Working Together

Sometimes we are the creators of brand identities, sometimes we are the stewards.

Regardless of our point of entry or the task at hand, we develop smart solutions to power your brand forward.

With new clients, we start with an assessment to evaluate your brand, understand your customer, and determine if we can deliver a solution that will further your goals. It also lets us see if we like working together :-)

With ongoing clients, we work on creative strategy, messaging, design, and content creation.

Case Studies

Local and international leaders in business, education, philanthropy, and sustainability come to us to strengthen their voices and look their best.

Letters of Transit

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