When it comes to your brand, design is your strongest asset and your smartest investment.

Use design to connect and engage

Engaged audiences become lifetime fans. Bold, impactful, fun, curious—we create images that attract attention and instantly connect, so your customer relationships unfold seamlessly.

Build a brand that builds trust

When it comes to relationships—trust is key. We develop brands that your team is excited to get behind and that your audience can count on again and again.

Create clarity to stand out

A confused audience = a missed opportunity. We create clarity to amplify your message and show your audience what makes you special, so they choose you. Owning what makes you unique is smart branding.

Benefit from a flexible system

Your projects change. Your timelines change. Your audiences change. A flexible library of assets lets you modify the tone of your communications for different audiences across multiple platforms. We develop reliable visual systems that adapt as your brand evolves.

Collaborate joyfully

We’re here to help. True collaboration is energizing and values each person in the process. We produce beautiful and effective design that meets your goals while keeping you stress-free. Open and friendly communication means you are always in the know.
Bold design makes the best first impression.
Let’s create one that lasts.


“Transit Authority Figures are simply phenomenal. They led our unorthodox, international company through vital messaging and focus exercises that allowed for the creation of our website, company deck and all of our other branding and marketing materials. For our website, they learned about our company, listened to what was important to us, and presented a variety of solid directions to consider. One of them blew us away, and with it, they then built a responsive website using entirely original imagery with which we are absolutely overjoyed. They kept to the budget, working with them was a delight and I recommend them without reservation.”
Joe Minton, President, Digital Development Management
Let’s make beautiful things.