Brand Experience Workshops

Interacting with a brand is experiencing it. Designing experiences is one of the best ways to deliver your message while delighting your customers. Positive encounters motivate engagement and action. We ensure that every interaction with your brand is a positive one.

Brand Insights for Business

Your brand represents your business, and when it comes to branding, perception equals reality. In this workshop, we’ll examine whether your visual identity and touchpoints represent you accurately and effectively.
  • Discussion: Why branding matters to your organization
  • Exercise: What is your brand made of?
  • Exercise: Do your touchpoints reflect your brand?
  • Exercise: What can you learn from your competitors?

Your Customer’s Journey

Invite your customers on a journey, win their loyalty, and build a strong base of brand advocates. In this workshop we’ll follow your customer’s path to purchase and iron out any pain points, making the journey a seamless—and enjoyable—experience.
  • Exercise: Chart your customer’s path to purchase
  • Discussion: Where design fits in (all touchpoints)
  • Discussion: Customer experience and why it’s important
  • Exercise: Identifying pain points
  • Exercise: Recommendations to make the purchase process pain-free

Online Experience

Good usability helps your audience take action. It decreases lost sales and improves productivity internally. In this workshop you’ll identify common usability mistakes and learn best practices and high ROI techniques to correct them.
  • Discussion: User-centered design
  • Exercise: Evaluate your site against best practices
  • Discussion: Information architecture, organization, and navigation
  • Exercise: Fine tune your website’s menus
  • Discussion: Interaction design that motivates behavior
  • Exercise: Recommendations for improvement

Before the workshop we will:

  • hold one or more discovery calls with your team.
  • review your current marketing materials.
  • evaluate your website.
  • conduct a brief environmental scan.

Workshops include:

  • presentations on each of the topics.
  • exercises to engage your team.
  • recommendations specific to your company.

You will gain:

  • a clear understanding of pain-points to address.
  • actionable insights you can implement immediately.
  • internal consensus on priorities.
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