Designed Experiences: Workshop Series

Engagement with your brand is an experience. The success of your organization depends on your customers having positive experiences, from interacting with the very first touchpoint, through a sale, and beyond.


Our workshop series focuses on three areas where design can provide solutions to your business challenges. The workshops are tailored to your company’s marketing and sales needs and can address everything from streamlining internal processes through how to design engaging online experiences.


Brand Insights for Business

Your brand is who you are in the world. It is expressed by how you look and what you do. And with brands, perception is reality. In this workshop, we examine whether your visual identity and brand touchpoints represent how you want to be perceived.


Your Customer's Journey

Building a loyal customer base requires you to invite people on a journey with you. Throughout this workshop we follow the path a customer takes to purchase your service, recognizing any pain points along the way and exploring opportunities for improvement.

User Experience

Good usability influences customers to buy, decreases errors that lead to lost sales, and streamlines internal productivity. During this workshop we evaluate your site against industry leaders, learn best practices and high ROI techniques, and identify common usability mistakes.


Each workshop includes:

  • Preliminary calls to pinpoint issues and shape workshop content.
  • Interactive presentations and facilitated discussion on each of the topics.
  • Exercises built around your materials to get you moving on solutions.
  • A summary report with specific recommendations for your company

Before the workshop we will:

  • Conduct two hours of discovery conversations.
  • Conduct an online discovery survey with relevant stakeholders.
  • Review your current materials: marketing, sales, presentation, training, customer intake.
  • Conduct a brief competitive and environmental scan.
  • Evaluate your website.

You will gain:

  • A clear understanding of needs to address.
  • Actionable insights you can implement immediately.
  • Foundational level internal consensus on priorities.

Workshops are designed for 3-6 people and are conducted on-site at your location. They are designed to work together, but can be conducted individually or in pairs.

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